Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation application that is commonly used in various businesses and education applications. The features of PowerPoint provide users with various options for creating visually appealing documents and presentations.

There are several factors that make PowerPoint an effective tool for creating research posters, it’s a familiar and common program to many peoples and students. It provides a variety of format options and can even do very large format maximum up to 56 inches (1.42m) in length and width.

Usages of PowerPoint in poster designing 

We can use Microsoft PowerPoint for various projects such as;

  • Poster for a seminar.
  • Welcome poster for a meeting or event.
  • Directional signs for a conference.
  • Research posters and charts.
  • POP (point of purchase) product displays for a shop.
  • Menu board in the cafeteria.
  • Poster designing for Display Boards and Roll up Banners

The Basic things you should know before making a research poster presentation.

Following are the main points that keep in mind while making a PowerPoint poster presentation for the first time.

  • Follow the instructions provided by University / Institution guidelines.
  • Select a suitable poster size as per guidelines and with your needs.
  • Choose a custom poster template or create a self-designed poster yourself.
  • Select a medium to print your poster
  • Find a printing shop for quality poster print.

In addition to designing a poster well, it is best that you know these basics things before presenting a research poster in a conference.

If you would like to know more about the poster presentation and designs or want to share your knowledge with us! Feel free to add a comment below.